Government Publishes Part B Fire Safety Updates

The Government has published updates to Approved Document B: Fire Safety – Volume 1 and Volume 2 which took effect on Thursday 26th November 2020. The amendments relate to fire safety provisions in blocks of flats, in particular sprinklers and wayfinding signage for the fire service.

The changes require blocks of flats with a top storey above 11 metres to install a sprinkler system. The 2019 version of the document required sprinklers to be installed only when the top storey exceeded 30 metres.

The next major change requires blocks of flats with a top storey above 11 metres to install wayfinding signage to aid the fire service. This includes floor identification signs and flat indicator signs. Guidance has been given on location, font and size of the signage.

All applications submitted after the 26th November will use the updated regulations. Applications submitted before this date that commence on site before the 29th January 2021 will use the 2019 version of the regulations.

The update applies to new builds, change of use, material alterations and extensions.

For full information regarding the updates to the Approved Documents, please see the government publication.

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