People you might need to employ when embarking on a construction project

People you might need to employ when embarking on a construction project

When beginning a construction project, it’s a good idea to plan ahead to give your project the best chance of success. One thing it’s advisable to be aware of in advance is which professionals you may need to employ to get your work over the finish line.

Below is a list of people you may need to speak to over the course of your construction project. When choosing who to work with, we’d recommend ensuring they are registered with an appropriate industry body.


If your project will be more complex in nature, asking an architect to design it can help ensure the construction is a smooth process. Architects can also advise on things like sustainability, keeping costs down and even appoint building control and planning permission on your behalf although it’s important to note that you have overall responsibility for ensuring the work carried out complies with the law.


When you have decided exactly what work needs to be completed, you will of course need to appoint someone to do the work. You may choose one firm to carry out all the work or choose different contractors for different parts of the project. For simple projects, your builder may also be able to draw up plans for the project as well as actually constructing it.

Building Control Inspector

Alongside planning permission, your project may also need building regulations approval. A building control inspector will visit your project periodically to ensure work is being carried out in accordance with the regulations.

Planning Advisors

You should always check with your local council before a project starts to find out whether you will need planning permission or not. However, in some cases you may also need to speak to a specialist planning advisor, for example if you live in a national park.

Project Manager

A project manager can help ensure that your project runs smoothly from start to finish by managing and coordinating all the different contractors.

Structural Engineer

Where construction work might have an impact on the structural integrity of a building, you will probably need to consult with a structural engineer. This can include work such as removing a chimney or adding an extension. Your architect or building control body may advise you when a structural engineer needs to be employed.

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