Residential & Domestic Building Control

Residential & Domestic Building Control

Private Approved Inspectors

When planning work on your home we can help you navigate Building Regulations so you know what you need to do and when. A Registered Building Inspector can be with you within 24 hours to get the ball rolling and where possible the same inspector will be your point of contact for the entire project.

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How it works

We notify the local authority – work can commence when the initial notice is approved or five working days have passed

When the work is complete, our inspectors carry out the final inspection

Send your plans/drawings to us and we’ll provide a quote

Our inspectors carry out site visits as and when required for your specific project

If work has been adhered to correctly a Final Certificate will be issued

When do I need Building Control?

Whether you are having a new kitchen installed, having an extension built or renovating an old house, the work will probably need to meet the requirements of current Building Regulations.

Other types of work include:

For detailed information on Building Regulations visit:

What are Building Regualtions?

Building Regulations are a set of standards designed to ensure buildings are safe, accessible, energy efficient and healthy. These are set by Building Control, a local authority agency, and approved by Parliament.

If you’re planning work on your home you will need to comply with Building Regulations as it is a legal requirement. If you build or improve your home without formal approval you could risk prosecution or be forced to undo the improvements.
These in-depth regulations relate to a number of areas of construction, such as:

What is Building Control?

The Building Control service ensures all building work, sports grounds and public venues meet current Building Regulations.

Fundamentally, Building Control protects the public from dangerous structures, encourages sustainability, exposes rogue traders and educates and advises building professionals. It enforces legislation to protect people’s health and safety in the build environment.

Why should I use an independent
building control service?

On site quicker than a local authority inspector.
Customer Service
More likely to have a dedicated inspector.
More flexible around site visits and office hours.
A wealth of knowledge of all projects including more niche ones.