Retrospective building control: is it possible?

Before embarking upon a construction project at your home such as an extension or loft conversion, it is important to take steps to ensure that all work takes place in line with the building regulations. However, there may be some occasions where retrospective building control needs to take place. For example, the previous owner of your property had work carried out without the relevant approval.

In such instances, it is possible to apply for ‘regularisation’ which is retrospective approval. This will involve an inspector from your local council visiting the site and assessing whether the work carried out is to standard or not. The inspector may suggest that work needs to take place before the project meets the regulations and the appropriate certificates can be issued.

Only work carried out after 11th November 1985 can apply for regularisation and unlike other building control, it can only be carried out by a local authority building control body.

Whilst retrospective building control is possible, we would urge anyone carrying out construction work to ensure they work with a building control body from the beginning of their project as this is a legal requirement.

You can read more about building regulations approval in our Building Control Guide and learn about the difference between local authority building control and Approved Inspectors.