The Importance of Early Action to Comply With Part R

The Importance of Early Action to Comply With Part R

Approved Document R: Infrastructure for Electronic Communications came into force on 26th December 2022. The updated legislation introduces gigabit broadband infrastructure and connectivity requirements for the construction of new homes in England. With internet access only becoming more important, it is hoped Part R will increase the availability of highspeed internet connections in peoples’ homes.

Early action is key

In recent weeks, YDBC has seen an increase in the local authority requesting further information in relation to Part R – specifically the submission of a connectivity plan when submitting Initial Notice. The connectivity plan is meant to demonstrate if an appropriate internet service is available.

Because this will involve an application to a network provider at design stage, which may take some time, we are urging anyone undertaking work to which the regulations apply to be aware and take action as soon as possible.

Other aspects of Part R to be aware of

There are two main requirements developers building new homes need to be aware of:

  • The requirement to install gigabit-ready physical infrastructure necessary for gigabit-capable connections up to a network distribution point, or as close as reasonably practicable where the develop does not have the right to access land up to that distribution point
  • The requirement to install a functional gigabit-capable connection (subject to a £2000 cost cap per dwelling) – where a developer is unable to secure a gigabit-capable connection within the cost cap, developers must install the next fastest connection available provided this can be done without that connection also exceeding the cost cap

Further information about Part R compliance can be found in Approved Document R.

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